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Therapy Team Nine Week NPTE Review Course

The 2017 Therapy Team NPTE Review and Coaching is the gold standard for how to prepare when repeating the NPTAE.

HIGHLY Recommended if you are US educated and have previously taken the Boards more than twice or non-US educated for any attempt.  2016 pass rate: over 90% for US educated, over 75% for non-US educated

Course includes:

  • Unlimited Personal Phone Calls and private webinar sessions (9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.) with Tim Hoerner, PT no one has prepared more individuals repeating the NPTAE to Board success.
  • Over 30 scheduled webinars where the content is reviewed both clinically and from an exam viewpoint.
  • Original Board preparation materials via e-book, including charts and graphs that make learning the material easier and almost fun.
  • Weekly graded projects that provide written feedback on how you are approaching exam problems – No other course offers this personal level of evaluation

Board passing guarantee – A free retake if you fail.  There are other “guarantees” but NO other course is this confident in their system to offer a free course if you fail.

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