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The webinars helped me identify areas I needed to study. While I felt pretty good before the course, the webinars and the feedback with the projects really made me rock solid and ready to pass.

by Simone K. - PTA on Therapy Team Educational Services

My supervisor at my last clinical where I had a job offer once I passed took this course several years ago apparently after a few attempts and passed. When I failed the first attempt by only a few points, I figured it was a fluke and would easily pass the second time. She still insisted I still take this course for my second attempt because both of us needed me to pass. I am so glad I did. There were several areas of trouble, I don’t think I would have figured out on my own. My score went up 70 points and I easily passed. 

I hated the projects, but that is what made the difference for me. I took another course where I listened to the webinars and could ask questions of some really smart people. I really thought that the instructors and the course were amazing, but I still failed. It was not until the Therapy Team projects and when I had to put my analysis in writing that I realized why my Differential Diagnosis and Prognosis scores were so low. That pushed me with Tim’s guidance to remedy that and score higher on this area finally allowing me to pass. Thank you.

My current motto is contribute don’t contaminate.  That what this course did.  It contributed to my knowledge in a positive way and not only made me a better test taker, I will be a better PT.  Thanks Tim, your materials at times were overwhelming, but I know being tutored by the master was what got to my license after two attempts.

I failed four times by less than 20 points.  I took three other courses that all promised to help me pass, especially since I was so close.  No success.  Tim tells us we have the knowledge, but have to look at everything different.  This approach was I needed.   Thank you, I finally got my “600”

I have test anxiety and reading issues.  I took another course that was nothing but ra-ra and yes people passed, but I did not.  The integration of the webinars with the projects, boosted my confidence and helped me look at the test differently.  Thanks Tim.

I am a foreign PT graduate. This class was not easy, but it was my fourth attempt.  I have all the other study books and took two other online reviews before investing in Therapy Team which was recommended by two other co-workers.   It gave me the structure and focus to change how I looked at the questions and improve my score by over 70 points to passed.  I would highly recommend to all foreign educated PT’s.

Tim is the best! I passed the test on my second attempt.

January was my fifth time taking the Boards and it was my last.  I have taken other courses with less experienced instructors who are filled with a lot of hype but none of them are even close in explaining the material in as much detail as Tim.  One webinar group was so large there was on way to ask questions.  The small group size in the Webinars gave me the opportunity to ask questions and get detailed answers.  Rather than just listening and reading as I did in other classes, the projects really helped me find out what I still needed to know.

Don’t be fooled by cheaper options!!  After failing twice, I took another online prep course.  What a mistake.  They teach to read the questions backwards and it was very superficial.You get what you pay for.  This class has small group sizes and a retake guarantee that no one else and it was not needed.  I was able to interact with the instructor and my papers came with excellent feedback.

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