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Every 5 years, the Federation of State Board of Physical Therapy (FSBPT) makes changes to the exams for Physical Therapist (PT) and Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA). The changes made to the National Physical Therapist Exam (NPTE) and National Physical Therapist Assistant EXAM are made to hold PT and PTA’s to the current standards of practice. This updates to the exams will go in effect January 2018.

To ensure a standardized test that will prepare new entry level PT and PTA’s data is collected from practicing clinicians.  A data compilation on PT and PTA related duties provides the content for the changes and updates made to exams, practice analysis and guidelines for future students.

General Knowledge Changes

While there are no major changes announced for the new format. There are some modifications to be aware of in preparing for the NPTE. Our instructors are already working in implementing this new changes for our next classes. Below are some things of notice.

Lymphatic System

The Lymphatic system will be considered a new system with its own set of dedicated questions. Previously it was under the Cardiopulmonary system. Test takers have already been expected to know this information it will just be in a different category of its own.

Gastrointestinal System

A few questions are added to the examination content section; otherwise, everything else has the same number of questions. The key is being able to recognize pain referrals and other interventions to implement.

A few less questions may be asked in the Disease / Conditions and Intervention content sections.

Genitourinary System

A few more questions are added in the evaluation content section.

This is similar to the gastrointestinal system where a few less questions are asked in the Disease / Conditions and intervention content sections.

System Interactions

With System Interactions, it’s the only system that focuses on one content section for questions to be tested on. This content section is Evaluation for PTs and for PTAs is the Disease and Conditions. For both PTs and PTAs, the number of questions being asked and tested are increased.

Updated Outlines & Handbook

With the new NPTE and NPTAE blueprint format, new content outlines are provided. Below are the updated content outlines and candidate handbook to prepare for the PT and PTA exams starting in 2018.

PT Content Outline
PTA Content Outline
PT and PTA Candidate Handbook

Administrative Changes

Passing Scores

No changes have been announced in regard to the passing scores. As soon as there is an update we will have the information on our website. Also our instructors inform and train our students to prepare for passing the current NPTE so our students are always informed of changes made by the boards.


The new fee for Candidates registering for the NPTE will be $485.

Elgibility Requirements

Candidates will have to show proof of TOEFL completion and proof of educational equivalence.

2018 Eligibility Requirements


The are no major changes in the NPTE and what you need to know to pass the exam. There are mainly updates to old content that our instructors have already considered for our next classes. If you prepare ahead of time and follow your instructor’s directions you will be successful in passing your exam. If you have any questions about your eligibility or the course in general please feel free to reach out to us.

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