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Student Testimonials

Student Testimonials, updated May 2016

After all our courses we ask students to give us a call or send us and email letting us know how they did, this way we can get direct feedback from our students who have either taken our Traditional live course or our Online Accelerated course. Here are a few appreciated remarks.  The following are but a few testimonials that were sent to us from past students:


Dear Therapy Team:

I just found out I passed on my fifth attempt.  I am so happy.

Tim asked to me write out why you need to take this course and not waste your time and attempts on the others.  Glad to do that.

I am a US educated DPT.  Everyone in my class passed the first time except me and all of my failures were within a few points.  All my friends kept telling me I would pass the next time and that it was the test.   I believed that, but it was not true.

Therapy Team and my friends were right that it was never my lack of knowledge, but it was how I analyzed the questions, I was doing everything wrong.   In the past three years I took every other course out there, some more than once, had a private tutor who claimed she had a 100% success rate.  Never realized this simple flaw in my analysis and none of the other course addressed this so accurately.

I always knew about Therapy Team, but I was looking for the easy way to pass.  I finally realized there is no easy way, I was going to be out of attempts by the end of 2015 so I tool the four week online course and did everything Tim said to do no matter how stupid or easy I thought it was.    Within the first week I had that moment where I realized what I had been doing wrong all along.  I continued to follow the system and passed the April 29, 2015 exam easily.  If only I had taken this course after my first failure, I would now have three years experience like all my classmates, but FINALLY I am a licensed practicing Physical Therapist.  Thank you Therapy Team.

US Educated DPT



Hi Tim,

The projects were really helpful especially the charts with all the disease we went thru. It really helped me get an understanding of all the diseases. The gait project was also really helpful as I went thru and filled out the different components that really helped me understand gait with prosthetics better. Also, the stroke charts were a life saver as it’s heavily tested and understanding dominant-vs.-non dominant strokes with impairments helped me understand questions on the exam.  Further I was having a lot of trouble with the teaching and learning and ethics. Really have to (MaryLu’s) lectures and the book helped me to understand it so well and know which answer to pick on the test. As far as the textbooks there was a lot of information but I read all of them cover to cover and made notes and it really helped put everything together. Lastly, after reviewing all the information I did all of the practice questions you offered.

On a personal note this was my third attempt and what I was doing wrong previously was just doing questions when studying mostly which was my downfall. And what you said that it’s not a test of recall and it’s a test of theory is correct and I took that approach this time. While I remember a select few in our class making noise and complaining about not doing enough questions I can honestly say they were in the wrong and understanding the theory is what gets you through this test successfully. Again thank you and your review was very thorough and helpful in playing a part for me to achieve my passing goal.


U.S. Educated D.P.T.




Tim and MaryLu,

I wanted you to know how much I appreciated your class and how effective it was for preparing me for the exam I took in January. I was soaking in the expertise of both of you like a sponge those 9 days, taking over 150 pages of notes.

You may recall that I graduated in 1989, practiced PT for only a year, and then went into youth work for 21 years. During those 21 years, I never thought PT would go from an entry level bachelor’s to an entry level master’s to an entry level doctorate! Trying to get reinstated made me feel completely “in over my head.”

Your class gave me the tracks to run on in order to study wisely, appropriately, and in a time-saving way. I sincerely went in to the January exam, never expecting to come anywhere close to passing it. I just saw it as getting my feet wet for the possibility that I might “squeak by” after the third, maybe 4th time. Instead, I was shocked to see that I missed passing it by only a hair. I got a 593 on the first try!!! Who knows exactly how many questions I missed, but I figure that is the equivalent of just 2 or 3????

Anyway, in my mind, even though I didn’t pass, it is a testimony to how remarkably effective your material is in preparing people. I didn’t have time (with my work schedule) to read all of the books you gave us. I thoroughly reviewed my 150 pages of notes and read all of the selected pages you referenced in class as most likely to be included on the exam.

I will be retaking the exam on July 2nd, and with the extra 5 months to go more in depth, I feel my chances are really good this time. To be out of the profession for over 20 years and to come so close to passing on the first try- mainly due to taking your class… I felt like you guys would want to know.

U.S. Educated B.S.P.T.



Attending your live course was the best nine hundred bucks I’ve ever spent. (Course price $995.00) After two hours I knew that this was what I needed to get my license… I was completely wrong as to what this exam was testing…. after missing the exam seven times by fewer than three questions, I passed. I should have done this years ago. ..

Just got my results five minutes ago…well I did what you said to do and guess what.. I passed … my score improved 83 points on the 800 scale.

More Happy PT’s



I am very pleased to tell you that I passed the exam! I just found out Wednesday. I want to thank you both very much. Your class not only renewed my confidence, it gave me a better understanding of the practice of physical therapy. I learned things I should have been introduced to in school. I am suggesting your course to friends who are having difficulty with the exam and to those who simply want to learn more. Again, thank you so much. I couldn’t have done it without you both

At last, I passed…!

I am a Physical therapist in New Jersey. I am so happy to send this mail because I couldn’t pass without your help. Your (system) is very clear so I found how to find each answer clearly.



I wanted to let you know that I just passed the NPTE. I was in the Newark, NJ course that you just taught . I wanted to personally thank you and MaryLu for all of your help. The course was wonderful and I don’t think I would have had as much success with the exam without it!! The course content and test taking skills truly helped me by learning not to change answers, ask why for every question and as MaryLu always says, “pick it and move on!!”



I wanted to give you feed back on the new format of the exam as well. I feel the break after the first two blocks (15 minutes) is a must for all students. I highly recommend every student who takes this exam to take that break if nothing else. It truly helps you clear your mind and calm your nerves. The break is not mandatory and a screen with pop up informing you of your option to take a 15 min scheduled break with the clock stopped. If people do not want the break they can hit next and move on. I also wanted to let you know that the exam is timed by a running clock so the time does not stop per block. Every student must be conscientious of their time and pace themselves 1 hour per 50 questions block because the clock keeps ticking. I personally only took the 15 minute break and finished the exam with 7 minutes left on the clock. I went through the exam slowly and carefully without the unscheduled breaks. I truly think this new format is wonderful and is designed to help the test taker. If you need any more feedback please do not hesitate to email me. I hope this feedback helps and again cannot express my thanks to you and MaryLu. I will highly recommend this course in the future to all students.

Thank you again,



would have to say I really like your work book. I went through and did everything as review and it was good. Another thing I was double guessing myself so much on the exam before I took the advise and covered the answers then put my answer down and moved on. I have to say there was maybe five question through the whole thing that I went back on and looked but over all I just answered and moved on! Thanks for everyone’s help!!! I’m ready to start my career!!! Thanks!



Hey Tim just got back my results for the NPTE that I took on April 30th, 2013

My score went from a 570 to a 647! Thanks for your help.






I passed my April 30th NPTE exam (2013).  It was my third attempt. I had previously failed in October 2012 and January 2013.  I took your course in Houston, in the middle of March.

I liked the class because it was a classroom environment. I continued to study the books given in class up until the test. I liked the new perspective the class gave me on not choosing my answer based upon the answer options given. As taught in your class, I read the question and thought about what I would do before even reading the answers and whatever answer choice matched up closest with my thoughts I picked.

It was a very high stress time and I am happy it is in the past. Your class was expensive but worth every dime.

My score in April was 618/800. My first time taking the test I scored a 586/600 and the second time I scored a 596/600. Myself along with two other of my classmates from my school (USA) who also took the course with me all passed.

I would recommend this class to anybody who has failed it once, twice, and so on.

Thank you,


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August 1, 2013

Dear Tim,

I just found out that I passed the NPTE!!!! I am so beyond relieved and excited!  I want to thank you for all your help….you do an incredible job with the online class.  I learned so much more about how to take the test in general and developed a better grasp of understanding of the material.  I can’t thank you enough. I truly believe that your class and way of thinking about how to take the exam really gave me that edge I needed to pass the test this 7th and final time (Lucky 7- I guess! LOL!). I only wish I had taken your class sooner. I would recommend this class to anyone and everyone.  I learned so many things from this course that really should have been covered in PT school.  Either way, I am the happiest I have been in a really long time! I am so ready to move on and be the PT I always knew I could be!!! Thanks for everything!


Kristy , DPT



July 31, 2013

Wow its been such a long time coming! I’m going to try and make this short. In Dec 2009 I graduated from PT school, and decided to take the PT examination in March 2010, but unfortunately I failed. I proceeded to continue taking the boards 8 times over the years from 2010-2013. On my 8th attempt in April 2013 I tried taking the NEW PT exam which I failed again and received an 585. I got fed up and decided to search for courses I could enroll in to help me pass the PT Exam. I came across Therapy Team because I found out that this course is a week long and I knew that I needed more than 2 days of teaching. I decided to cough up $995 for this course and went to NJ hoping that all that money is worth it. During the whole course of Therapy Team, TIM broke down the most important facts about this course and allowed me to understand the material and how to apply the information much better! TIM stated if you put in the work, your score will definitely increase by >30 points which I definitely needed to pass this exam! TIM’s slides broke down the info as well and he was willing to answer any questions that I had; which made me feel very comfortable in front of a packed classroom. Also one day during the course, a lady (sorry I forgot her name) came in and lectured us on how to take the exam and to NEVER mark any questions! She told us that we graduated from PT school and that our school would have never allowed us to graduate if they did not feel that we were competent enough to be PHYSICAL THERAPIST. So during the exam on July 23, 2013 (9th attempt) I went into the exam with confidence and said to myself that I WILL PASS THIS EXAM, DID NOT MARK ANY QUESTIONS, AND TOOK MOST OF MY BREAKS! I did all of that, and actually finished with 5 secs left in the exam… whew! I left the exam feeling confident and waited for the results.. feeling very nervous (which is a natural feeling after taking the test 8 times in the past), but WHEN I RECEIVED MY RESULTS IT READ P-A-S-S-E-D!!!!! PRAISE THE LORD! IM OFFICIALLY A PHYSICAL THERAPIST! I RECEIVED A 620 ON THIS EXAM AND I’M GRATEFUL! Thanks a lot TIM for your brain and smarts! lol! You’re a really great guy and the money was well worth it! I RECOMMEND THIS COURSE TO ANYONE WHO’S STRUGGLING WITH THIS EXAM! JUST DO IT AND DO THE WORK! TRUST ME YOUR SCORE WILL INCREASE SIGNIFICANTLY!

– Nashon MPT!

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