Who Is Therapy Team?

Therapy Team Exam Review is the only Comprehensive NPTE/NPTAE Review with over 17 years experience helping NPTE/NPTAE repeaters pass the next time.  If it is your second or tenth time we can help you.


Our Method of NPTE/NPTAE preparation

We base our method around authentic assessments that are derived from clinical situations, in much the same way as the NPTE/NPTAE questions.  By using this method, we cover the full spectrum on the content on the NPTE.  We feel this method, rather than studying practice questions best allows you to see your deficits both in knowledge and the ability to apply your knowledge.  Our over 90% pass rate for students repeating the NPTE/NPTAE in 2013, which is better than the first time US educated pass rate, proves our method works and is worth the commitment.

This approach will allow you to become more comfortable applying what you know to both assess the situation presented in the question and formulate a response taking into account all the factors as if you were the therapist.

In our courses you will learn how to better apply your knowledge to make the best decisions in the exam environment. There are many benefits to this method as it will give you feedback improve your abilities to do what the exam is asking you do.


Updated March 18,  2015:  The results are in!!!  For both our live and online course students who took their NPTE/NPTAE during 2014 our pass rate was  89% 


1. This number was determined using as a failure rate the number of students who requested a free repeat course after failing a subsequent exam.  This might not be an accurate number if someone gave up and never called us after another failure, but we think we are pretty close.

2. A high pass rate does not mean YOU will pass if you do not do the work.

3. Over 80% of our students in 2014 were recent DPT graduates of CAPTE approved programs and not internationally educated.

4. The average number of times our students took the NPTE or NPTAE before taking our course was 4.  (This is an significant increase since 2010, when it was 2 and even as recently as 2013 when it was 2.3, hummm)

5.  Average number of months student has been unemployed since graduation before taking our course, 16.

6.  Number of other unique NPTE/NPTAE prep courses (both live and online ranging from one day live to 3 months online) taken before Therapy Team – Two

7. Percentage of students who knew of Therapy Team at least one test administration prior to actually registering: 100%

8. Reason why they waited and/or took a cheaper, less rigorous course:  Too expensive (cost $995)

9.  Estimate of lost earnings by waiting $15,000.  ($60,000 annual salary, delay of an additional 4 months before taking our course, getting serious about identifying the missing link and finally passing.

10.  Estimated cost of waiting and trying it one more time without this course- $14,005

What we know about the Current NPTE/NPTAE Exams and the Testing Environment.

After two years with the current content outlines and over 18 years experience of preparing students for both the NPTE/NPTAE and talking to them afterwards about their overall exam experience and examining their Role Feedback reports, we believe that the current versions of the NPTE and NPTAE are the hardest ever.

In 2014, just knowing everything was not enough to pass.  Students can memorize better than ever, but that is not how you pass.

Historically we saw a high score/lower score pattern.  So the first test was say 590, the second test 520.    In 2014 we saw fewer students with that pattern and many more US educated DPT’s stuck in the  585-595 range for 3 or 4 test administrations.

We also believe that fixed date testing and testing centers with proctors that are trained to get concerned if you start sneezing too much make the test environment more intimidating and scary than in the past.  We offer recommendations how to deal with this stressful environment.  We cannot cure test anxiety, but knowing what common test recommendations that worked perfectly fine in school are prohibited activities during the NPTE/NPTAE can help you be prepared for the unexpected during your exam.

Despite the challenges, the experienced instructors at Therapy Team have studied all available information about the new exam forms and attended more FSBPT conferences than any other review company.   You get what you pay for in life isn’t it now time to invest in the most effective NPTE/NPTAE review courses available?

Who Are Our Students?

We have been providing this course since 1996 and have helped over 13,000 physical therapy students, mostly US educated and almost all repeating the NPTE, get their licenses.   If you are looking at this page you are likely:

  • A recent graduate from a CAPTE approved PT or PTA program
  • An excellent student, possibly and honor roll student throughout your academic career
  • Have taken the NPTE or NPTAE from 1 -12 times, average 4.1 attempts.
  • You are not lazy.
  • You study.  Excuse me, you study A LOT.
  • You have taken on average two other NPTE or NPTAE review courses that promised to help you passed, but you still have not passed.  You have purchased every review book and flash card set you, your parents, family and friends could find on Amazon or the internet that promised NPTE/NPTAE success and used then diligently.

And despite all this money, months and maybe even a year or more of time and significant effort, all of your classmates have their license and are earning great money and you…….


Let’s work together to change that!!


Why you NEED this course before your next attempt

Therapy Team’s approach is different.  We do not focus on practice questions or memorizing content.   You did that in school and we assume you have the knowledge to pass.  Why:  after 18 years and over 13000 students we can count on one maybe two hands the number of students who came to our class without the required physical therapy knowledge to pass the NPTE or NPTAE.

Using you existing knowledge we utilize a mostly project based approach that changes your thinking from that of a physical therapy student seeking the “right” answer to one of a practicing therapist or assistant who understands the complexity of a patient and makes the best decision on any questions presented on the NPTE or NPTAE.   We believe this approach will best prepare you for a practice oriented, best answer multiple choice examination.

Unlike what you have done before, Therapy Team has a track record of thousands of PT and PTA graduates who had no idea what they were doing wrong and why they were not passing.  Almost all are now successful practicing Physical Therapists and Physical Therapist Assistants because together, we worked on changing their approach to the exam material as well as their tactics for the day of the exam.


Our Guarantee

After working with thousands of students just like you, we know our system works if, and this is a big if, you put the work in.   So if you take either our live or Internet course and do not pass your next attempt, you can re-take either a live or internet course for FREE.*   That is our guarantee to you.  We offer this because we believe that if you put the work in with our system, we will not be giving out a lot of free courses, and we did not in 2013, so we know our approach works.

Fortunately, you too have now found Therapy Team. For more information call 1-877-476-6684

*proof of recent failure on most recent test administration required by submitting score report within 30 days of failure, must retake live or online course within six months of completion of previous course based on space available.

What are your Choices to Prepare for your Next Attempt?

We offer both online and live course options to get you ready to pass your Boards.  Our live course and in most States, our online courses satisfy the Remedial/Retake Requirements for exam eligibility.  (Call your State to verify as there are 53 jurisdictions and this changes monthly)

Therapy Team

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