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At Therapy Team we talk to a LOT of students, we talk to DPT graduates who tell us ALL their friends passed doing XYZ review, but it obviously did not work for them.    They are depressed and mad at themselves because they knew from the first day, this would not work, but stuck with it and wasted an attempt.

Everyone has a different learning style, what works for your classmates, might not be the best for you. Join us to help you decide and discuss the options that Therapy Team has been providing for over twenty years.

Therapy Team Exam Review is the only Comprehensive NPTE/NPTAE Review with over  20 years experience helping NPTE/NPTAE graduates pass the next time.  If it is your first or sixth time we have a NPTE or NPTAE Review course to meet your needs.

Note:  There is  a lifetime limit of 6 attempts at the NPTE or NPTAE.  Only two, if the FSBPT feels you have an unusually low score.    The message is: DO NOT WASTE ATTEMPTS.


Why Our Method of NPTE/NPTAE preparation is Unique.

Experienced Instructors

Weekly Webinars

Weekly written projects with written feedback to help you develop your critical thinking

Our courses are the gold standard for individuals repeating the NPTE and NPTAE.  They follow the content outline of the current exam and have been developed using authentic assessments that are derived from clinical situations, just like the questions of the NPTE/NPTAE.    Our full-time job is to study how these exams are developed and give you the best practice to answer any question of your exam.  We do not have part-time instructors, all our instructors are full-time, devoted to your success.

Our unique method allows you to see your deficits both in knowledge and the ability to apply your knowledge.   Our over 90% pass rate for both US and non US educated students repeating the NPTE/NPTAE in 2015, proves our method works and is worth the commitment.  No other course has our track record.

In our courses you will learn how to better apply your knowledge to make the best decisions in the exam environment. There are many benefits to this method as it will give you feedback improve your abilities to do what the exam is asking you do.

What we know about the Current NPTE/NPTAE Exams and the Testing Environment.

After almost four years with the current content outlines and over 20 years experience of preparing students for both the NPTE/NPTAE and talking to them afterward about their overall exam experience and examining their Role Feedback reports, we believe that the current versions of the NPTE and NPTAE are the hardest ever.

Historically we saw a high to lower score patterns.  The first test was say 590, the second test would drop to 520.   In 2014 we saw fewer students with that pattern and many more US educated DPT’s stuck in the  585-595 range for 3 or 4 test administrations.  We also are seeing more student struggling with the Implementation Sections and have adjusted our courses accordingly.

Test Anxiety:  We can help.   We offer recommendations how to deal with this stressful environment.  We cannot cure test anxiety, but knowing what common test recommendations that worked perfectly fine in school are prohibited activities during the NPTE/NPTAE can help you be prepared for the unexpected during your exam.

Despite the challenges, the experienced instructors at Therapy Team have studied all available information about the new exam forms and attended more FSBPT conferences than any other review company.   You get what you pay for in life isn’t it now time to invest in the most effective NPTE/NPTAE review courses available?

Why you NEED a Therapy Team course before your next attempt

Therapy Team’s approach is different.  We do not focus on reading the content outline to you in a webinar, endless practice questions or simply memorizing content.   You did that in school and we assume you have the knowledge to pass.  Why:  after 20 years and over 20,000 students we can count on one maybe two hands the number of students who came to our class without the required physical therapy knowledge to pass the NPTE or NPTAE.

Using your existing knowledge we utilize a mostly project-based approach that changes your thinking from that of a physical therapy student seeking the “right” answer to one of a practicing therapist or assistant who understands the complexity of a patient and makes the best decision on any questions presented on the NPTE or NPTAE.   We believe this approach will best prepare you for a practice-oriented, best answer multiple choice examination.

What are your Choices to Prepare for your Next Attempt?

We offer both online and live course options to get you ready to pass your Boards.  Our live course and in most States, our online courses satisfy the Remedial/Retake Requirements for exam eligibility.  (Call your State to verify as there are 53 jurisdictions and this changes monthly)

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